Our ability to find the most environmentally-friendly travel routes and thus to promote a sustainable lifestyle has made us noteworthy of the September’s e-bulletin of the youthXchange (YXC) Project on Responsible Consumption, a joint project by the UNEP and UNESCO. A while ago, Dr. Klaus Töpfer, former Executive Director at UNEP, already endorsed routeRANK as “…an intelligent tool that will allow users to make an informed, carbon conscious decision for specific journeys and travel routes. This system will make informed travel choices possible which are not only cost-and time-efficient but also beneficial for the environment”.

About youthXchange

YouthXchange (YXC) aims to promote sustainable consumption patterns among young consumers worldwide. To do so, it contains easy-to-use training kits as well as an informative and interesting website. The kit is designed to assist youth groups NGO’s, teachers and trainers with their responsibility to communicate topics related to sustainable lifestyles.

To find out more, visit: YXC Webpage: www.youthxchange.net