routeRANK is nominated for the «Green IT Innovation Award» in the category: «Solutions for a Low-Carbon Economy».

The award ceremony will take place at Zurich-based IT trade show Orbit on May 15th, 11:45. presents a short video (in German) about routeRANK:

The query mentioned in the video is «London to the Orbit expo». The list of results shows that the fastest connection is a combination of car ride, flight and train ride. This way you make it from London to Zurich-Oerlikon (the area where the exhibition halls are located) in about four and a half hours. Of course an alternative is a journey by train only, without the flight, but that would take a minimum of 9 hours and 42 minutes. However, the environment would only be burdened with 32 kilograms of CO2 – compared to 140 kilograms when travelling by airplane.