The routeRANK team improved and implemented new features for the public routeRANK website. In addition to displaying the airports routeRANK is considering during the search, users can now more conveniently provide feedback. Furthermore, saving fares for travelling by train with Deutsche Bahn are now displayed in the private routeRANK, in the context of custom developed versions (cf. Business applications).

routeRANK now displays the airports that are being considered in the progress bar, i.e during the search already. Recall that a single search from your starting point automatically includes the routes via the relevant airports. The airports are now displayed while results are still being computed.

The convenient new feedback window is positioned when you return to the routeRANK results page after following the „buy tickets“ button. routeRANK tries to simplify the feedback process for improving our public website. We aim to offer the largest support while searching for the fastest, cheapest and greenest way.

Furthermore, as for the private routeRANK, search results for travelling with Deutsche Bahn, meaning journeys with at least either origin or destination in Germany, will include saving fares and special offers (e.g. Europe-Special) where available. This version of routeRANK also currently displays other features, e.g. the available working time criteria. Also see Business applications for further information.