The routeRANK team has been working on updates to improve your travel planning experience. New features include:

  • Multiple booking links for one flight
    We now show you the flight price information from different online travel agents. As before, we search over 700 airlines from over 100 agents, but now we also display booking links to multiple different airlines and agents. This provides you with a better overview of the different prices available for a given flight, and also with the opportunity to book your flight with your favourite travel agent. Try it out now with a search from Cambridge to Montreux.
  • Airport transfer information for major airports in the US
    As was already the case with the European airports, routeRANK now gives additional public transport for travelling to and from the biggest US airports. This complements the already existing airport transfers by car and taxi. Example: the search request from Chicago to New-York now integrates schedule information for the CTA Blue Line from downtown Chicago to the airport ORD.