Last month routeRANK released a new standardized professional version of its travel planning solution to meet the demand by small and mid-size companies. This was picked up by LeTemps , amongst others. Similarly, routeRANK’s presentation at the EU Parliament on June 1st, 2011, was covered by Find this and more articles on our press page.

routeRANK’s founder, Jochen Mundinger, also participated at last month’s TEDxRigi event with the theme ‘Global Caring Connections’, speaking on ‘Transport connections’.

Following on from last year’s collaboration, routeRANK works again with Paléo Festival this year to guide visitors to the festival. Travelling causes a substantial part of the festival’s CO2 emission and the Paléo organizers wish to provide and promote sustainable means of reaching the festival to reduce the environmental impact of the event. This year the solution also integrates the NStMC trains that get you right to the festival station (Asse) as well as the additional Paléo buses by Car Postal. This allows visitors to find the overall most convenient, cheapest and greenest way to the festival. Information on routes and schedules can be accessed through the routeRANK widget on the Paléo website from next week.

This year, Paléo Festival takes place from the 19th to the 24th of July. It is Switzerland’s biggest open-air festival and one of Europe’s most important musical events. Each year nearly 200 concerts and shows are offered to the 230,000 spectators who fill the Festival’s site, situated above the town of Nyon. To this day, over 4.7 million people participated. routeRANK is proud to be one of Paléo’s partners and wishes wishes all visitors, actors and supporters a great festival.