As part of the many changes we made during the last month, the representation of routeRANK’s search results are now improved in different ways. For example, results with departure and arrival dates different from the user’s original search date are marked with different symbols and tool-tips. The working time, available as an additional criteria on the Standard Professional version, is now also calculated for groups travelling by car and shown as percentage of the total travel time. We have further updated our website with more information on routeRANK’s offering, in particular the different versions of routeRANK and how they compare.

‘Suite 150’, a club with Swiss companies that are at least 150 years old and still in existence today, and ‘Handelszeitung’ are offering the opportunity for the Swiss Top 100 startups to meet and obtain mentoring from managing board-members of the ‘Suite 150’. Also see the corresponding article on our press page for further details. routeRANK is looking forward to this opportunity.

The ‘PME Magazine’ surveys the Western Switzerland each year and presents the best new companies and their founders. In late October, routeRANK was honoured to be included in PME Magazine’s 150 new enterprises building Western Switzerland, together with other existing companies such as Nextthink, Prediggo, Aleva Neurotherapeutics and Kandou Technologies.