BCD Travel published a Total Trip Planning (TTP) video presenting their solution powered by routeRANK. It illustrates how the door-to-door, multi-modal, multicriteria planning tool integrates with their managed travel processes and the resulting customer benefits.

routeRANK’s founder and Chairman Jochen Mundinger will also speak on Total Trip Management together with Anton Lill, Vice President/General Manager Germany at American Express Global Business Travel as part of ITB’s Business Travel Days 2014. ITB Berlin is the world’s largest tourism trade fair and its Convention a major travel industry event. Please get in touch if you would like to meet us there this Thursday.

Earlier this month the Touring Club Switzerland (TCS) launched its new route planner also powered by routeRANK. TCS is a non-profit association founded in Geneva in 1896 that counts approximately 1.6 million members. The new route planner replaces the old door-to-door car route planner and additionally provides access to the multi-modal connections by adding date and time into the new field that appears alongside the car results. It then allows their filtering and sorting according to the usual multiple priorities as well.

Addressing consumer-facing versions more generally, Jochen will also speak about Total Trip Planning as part of ITB’s eTravel World. Please get in touch if you would like to meet us there this Friday.

Managed travel versions now come with travel arranger support as part of the OBT integration as well and business travel versions generally benefit from the new smart result filters and ranking. Other additions include car parking information and driving direction notices as well as a yet again extended public transport coverage. Please contact us directly for more information.

At the end of last year, Jochen was invited to Amsterdam’s Innovatie-Estafette 2013 for a presentation about door-to-door, multi-modal transport planning in the ‘Green Transport’ part of the event. The logistics versions have also been extended as part of different projects, notably through the integration of more content.

In December, the New York Times published an article on door-to-door travel planning featuring routeRANK (‘Travel Sites for Hopscotching’). The biggest Brazilian daily newspaper, La Folha de S. Paulo, also covered our door-to-door offering. The new TCS route planner was presented on their website and the launch published by Swiss radio RTS amongst others. For more coverage and further information, please check our press page.

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