routeRANK works with Paléo to guide visitors to the festival. Travelling and transportation cause a substantial part of the CO2 emissions of the festival, so the Paléo organizers wish the need to provide and promote sustainable means of transport. In addition to contracting special train and bus services similar to previous years, routeRANK now integrates these to ensure visitors find the most convenient, cheapest and greenest way to the festival.

Information on routes and schedules can be accessed through routeRANK’s public website or the routeRANK widget, which is embedded in the Paléo website as well.

Paléo Festival is today one of Europe’s most important musical events. Each year, more than 176 concerts and shows are on offer to the 230,000 members of the public who fill the Festival’s site, situated above the town of Nyon. To this day, over 4,5 million people participated. routeRANK is proud to be one of Paléo’s partners. The routeRANK team wishes all visitors, actors and supporters a great festival.