Last Friday, Swiss business magazine Bilanz published an article about routeRANK’s role in corporate travel, accompanied by an interview with routeRANK founder and chairman Jochen Mundinger. The latter is available on Bilanz’s homepage, the full article can be found on the press page.

We are pleased that routeRANK is now part of school teaching material as well. Swiss publisher HEP uses routeRANK in educational material aimed at teaching students about mobility and CO2 emissions. The material includes an exercise on routeRANK, instructing students to search for, compare and select ‘good’ connections, allowing them to learn how to make informed travel choices. The teaching material is already available in German, with a French version being published in October 2011.

As always, we have worked on improvements and extensions. The most noticeable on the public version is the integration of new flight connections through Momondo, a leading flight search engine that includes more than 700 airlines and 200+ travel agencies for the cheapest and best tickets. This offers routeRANK’s users excellent flight coverage worldwide and booking in English, French, German and Spanish, as usual directly with the relevant provider. For example, try the trip from Berne to London.

We have also updated the public website with more information in the FAQ and the HowTo sections, as well as the standard professional version for small and medium enterprises.