The routeRANK team has been working on putting the final touches on a number of new features.

It is now possible to specify a number of up to four travelers when searching for routes, with consequences for prices and CO2 emissions in particular. While often trains stay the most ecological means of transport, even when traveling in a group of 4, say, a full car tends to cause less CO2 emissions per person than using a route that involves a flight. You can try this new feature in a pre-release beta version on the private routeRANK website.

When planning a trip involving several means of transports or several layovers, did you ever wonder how likely it would be for you to miss any one of your connections? For trips, which include flights, this question is a particularly relevant. There is always a certain risk of missing your flight in the case that your train connection to the airport has a delay or doesn’t work out. Or maybe you get stuck in a huge traffic jam while taking your car to the airport. A new routeRANK feature addresses exactly this problem. For each route, routeRANK now estimates the risks this route and each of its legs pose with respect to missing a connection. For business travel, which is usually subject to significant time constraints, knowing the risks associated to different travel routes is a prerequisite for making an informed choice. If you are interested in a customized version of routeRANK’s core patent-pending technology, which now includes the ability of assessing travel risks, please see the business applications page or contact us for further information. You can also try this new feature on our private routeRANK version.

There are also a number of improvements to the public routeRANK version. For car results routeRANK now directly forwards you to the relevant page on ViaMichelin. As you are already used to from air and rail results, you can immediately review the corresponding driving details and follow your car route on a map without having to enter the origin and destination yourself. In addition, routeRANK now also covers the stops serviced by PostBus Switzerland and is working on adding even more bus stops in Switzerland. Within Switzerland the PostBus network efficiently connects even the most remote places to the national train network. Accordingly, routeRANK now finds public transport connections for even more routes.