In terms of managed business travel, BCD Travel demonstrated its Trip Planner powered by routeRANK at the 2013 London’s Business Travel Show earlier this month. Smart Mobility Management and travel business newsletter The Beat also covered the latest on the innovation partnership with the travel management company. American Express Travel presented routeRANK in detail in their recent brochure on Total Trip Management.

Together with Stadtwerk Winterthur routeRANK is now offering novel services for companies and organizations that do not used managed travel solutions. If you would like to participate and are based in the region or outside feel free to contact us to find out more.

Lake Geneva Region now also helps visitors to the region find their best route in terms of cost, time and emissions with a customized version of routeRANK. The inclusion there is another example of an iFrame integration.

E-carsharing is releasing a full iPhone App powered by routeRANK, including car-sharing rides and transport alternatives as well as their customized routing. Last autumn turn-your-car-into-a-taxi start-up Tooxme integrated our Application Development Interface (API)/Webservice to complement their offering with transport alternatives. These services are examples of the more recent possibilities of inclusion through the API/Webservice and the full iPhone and Android Applications

A wealth of new features and improvements have been added over the past few months. Perhaps the most exciting change is the move of the filters and preferences to the left-hand side of the search results page, into the single view and right next to the table of travel routes.

Whether you want to sort the route options by the lowest overall travel fare, subject to a maximal overall trip duration and number of flight legs, with some weight given to productivity and carbon footprint as well, or whether you have any other preferences – you can now set it and instantly see your best routes.

Previously the filters and preferences had been one click further away under the ‘Options’ menu in the search box. Specifically, they include time filters, airport selection as well as car and transfer settings (on public version), and filters for the different priorities as well as their weighting for the overall ranking (on customized versions).

The look-and-feel of our base versions has been changed and various customized versions have also been improved with new themes and styles. Additional updates on the Standard Professional  and Custom developed versions include the extension of the general address ‘door-to-door’ searches, of the ranking to include more priorities and of the result filtering to better consider varied user preferences. Please contact us directly for more information regarding accommodation planning and meeting optimization modules. 

An article by routeRANK founder and Chairman Jochen Mundinger on Tnooz earlier this year revisited the evolution of the full travel story concept since its inception in 2006. Pointing out that a widely accepted terminology is still missing, it thus triggered an active discussion which led to a number of suggestions. Follow-up and highlights were also provided in our previous blog post.

Further to the travel management publications, routeRANK was covered by Le Temps and listed in the Top 30 Green Ideas by Migro’s Schweizer Illustrierte Green earlier this month. Customized version and widgets for the Swiss Federal Institute of Technology Lausanne (EPFL) were featured in their recent Flash issue. Additional coverage also includes the Corporate TravellerBlueWinCleanTech and Swiss radio and television DRS. For more coverage and further information, please check our press page.