The routeRANK team has been working on further enhancements of the return trip search functionality. Keep an eye out as these are included in the public routeRANK version over the next few weeks. Moreover, the results’ filtering options have been extended. It is possible to specify time windows for the departure and arrival time, the maximum number of layovers, as well as the maximum price, carbon dioxide emissions or duration of a journey. This should help you quickly and easily find your preferred route from the routeRANK results set. A pre-release, beta version of these features is available on the private routeRANK version.

To help their visitors make an environmentally conscious travel choice Lloyds TSB and the Economist Conferences (the conference arm of The Economist newspaper) link to routeRANK from their web sites. If you are interested in linking to routeRANK from your own website, or in a customized version of routeRANK’s core patent-pending technology with optional features such as those on the private routeRANK version, please see the business applications page or contact us for further information.

Best wishes for a great 2011 from the routeRANK team.