Ypsilon.Net module: Multimodal travel planning from door to door

Multimodal travel planning from door to door


Full travel route address-to-address


All relevant modes of transport and their combinations

Multiple priorities

Including price, travel time, CO2 emissions

Single view

On one screen, with sorting, filtering and presets

Patented technology

Over 60 customer and partner versions, over 150 product iterations


Fully integrated, readily available

Fully integrated

The solution is fully integrated with Ypsilon.Net.

  • Access: Available as an optional module through the Ypsilon.Net platform
  • Content: Based on air, rental cars and hotel content through the Ypsilon.Net platform, including negotiated rates; your Ypsilon B2C/B2B configuration is automatically taken over
  • Booking: The booking flow remains the same as defined in your Ypsilon set-up
  • Personalization: Allows for customization such as office locations and other partners for rail, car sharing, video conferencing


For end users, customers and partners.

  • Customer experience/service: Save planning time by up to 2½ hours, reduce travel cost and travel time
  • Marketing: Image door-to-door service and environment
  • Optimal positioning: Own offering via multiple airports
  • Personalization: Own partners and configuration
  • Additional revenues: Positioning partner offering
  • Consumer travel: Additional traffic via additional content
  • Business travel: Process improvement and productivity gain
  • Analysis: Additional door-to-door data for further optimization

“Until now, no single solution has been able to provide travelers with commercial, public and personal transportation options so they can piece together trips as they see fit. (...) Our partnership with routeRANK lets us complement the information currently available while adding route and mode options in a very useful way.”

April Bridgeman
Senior Vice President of Strategic Marketing
BCD Travel

“In addition to the various time factors this also allows us to account for individual corporate priorities such as opportunity costs and environmental impact, which are often part of the travel policy. Based on the multi-dimensional view our customers will be able to better measure, document and control their activities. routeRANK is the ideal partner for this approach.”

Wolfgang Straßer
HRG Germany

“We are committed to delivering the best experience for our customers and this partnership with routeRANK brings us one step closer to The Perfect Trip. Beyond the comprehensive coverage of the many different transport modes this integration is a first to allow Concur customers to see exact multimodal schedules and fares.”

Jigish Avalani
Concur Cloud Platform

“Die Nutzer unserer IBEs haben durch die Einbindung von routeRANK noch mehr Möglichkeiten und Flexibilität – und das ohne jegliche Mehrarbeit.”

Hans-Joachim Klenz
Ypsilon.Net AG

“… I talked about the need to support new, innovative entrepreneurs, and how difficult it is for this sector to compete against the old, oil-driven economy. (...) To this year's finalist, congratulations on truly creative thinking, and thanks for all your hard work. Together we can turn the tide of global warming, and create more opportunity in doing it.”

Bill Clinton
42nd President of the USA
(congratulating the four PICNIC Green Challenge finalists 2008)

“routeRANK's technology allows its users to improve their resource efficiency in travel and transport easily.”

Prof Dr Dr h.c. Ernst Ulrich von Weizsäcker
International Resource Panel, UNEP

“Mit routeRANK spart man sich den Orientierungslauf im öffentlichen Verkehr.”

Simone Niggli-Luder
23-time world champion

“routeRANK ist ein intelligentes Tool. Es erlaubt es den Nutzern, fundierte, umweltbewusste Entscheidungen für bestimmte Reisen und Reiserouten zu treffen. Dieses System ermöglicht eine Reiseplanung, die nicht nur auf Kosten- und Zeiteffizienz aus ist, sondern auch der Umwelt nützt.”

Dr Klaus Töpfer
Former Executive Director
United Nations Environment Programme (UNEP)

“routeRANK is based on sound science and can undoubtedly help businesses, institutions and ordinary citizens alike to control and reduce their transport-related carbon footprint.”

Eduardo Goncalves
Former Global Coordinator of Communications & Campaigns
WWF International 'One Planet' initiative




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