routeRANK is continuously seeking new means to improve your user experience, for Business applications, and also for the public website. Here are some of our updates!

  1. A routeRANK widget available
    routeRANK has launched a new widget which can be easily installed on your own website. Acquaint your users with the conveniences of using routeRANK to find the fastest, cheapest and most ecological way to travel. You may export the widget on your website, Facebook, Twitter, iGoogle, Blogger…
    Get the widget here.
  2. routeRANK gets its new Facebook application
    You can now install the routeRANK application on your Facebook page. Use it and share it with your friends!
  3. Routes in the US and Canada
    Recently, we have expanded our data to include the car routes in the US and Canada. Great news for our North-American users! You can now better plan your trip including airport transfers. Try it out now on our public version by routing a trip from New York to Washington DC!