Recently we have been working on major routeRANK updates. We have added some new features that are going to make travel planning even easier:

  1. More flight providers
    So far, we have offered flight information from one flight provider ( Now flights can be booked with many more providers like Expedia and eBookers (for the complete list of all new providers, please refer to the FAQ). This means that we also have flight information from more regular and low-cost airlines, including Easyjet, Ryanair and FlyBaboo. We hope this makes it easier for routeRANK users to find their ideal flight.
  2. More geographical locations in Europe.
    We have updated and extended geographical locations inside Europe with the help of the Geonames project. Included in the over 400.000 locations in Europe are small villages like Isenthal in Switzerland (with only 540 inhabitants) or Sant Rafel del Maestrat in Spain.
  3. French version.
    With the help of volunteer Isabelle Farquet, we have been able to translate routeRANK into French. Thank you very much, Isabelle!