Multimodal – MaaS

What is MaaS (Mobility as a Service)?

Mobility as a Service or Transportation-as-a-Service integrates booking and payment from multiple providers into the travel planner. Thanks to MaaS, user can manage their complete mobility in a single app.

routeRANK combines the advantage of a MaaS platform with its multimodal planner. Going from A to B becomes a seamless process from finding the best options to booking it.

Mobility becomes a service and adapt to individual needs to propose the smartest combination. Environmentally friendly alternatives and multi provider options are available instantly.

What is Mobility on Demand (MoD)?

A multimodal planner allows to integrate Mobility on Demand (MoD) solutions and connect them with other large transportation systems. This allow to solve the first and last-mile problem for many users in a convenient way.

Many MoD options can be seamlessly combined thanks to routeRANK solutions, from ride-sharing and e-hailing services (Uber, taxi, limousine…) to station-less bike-sharing or autonomous and self-driving car.

Thanks to real-time data integration the user can benefit at best from the exact combination of the integrated transport services.

Travel solutions

Solutions for business or consumer
routeRANK travel solutions

Mobility solutions

Intelligent mobility solutions for companies, commuters and smart cities
routeRANK mobility solutions

routeRANK mobility platform

routeRANK mobility platform achieves intelligent mobility thanks to a multimodal door-to-door planner integrated inside a MaaS platform.


Full travel route address-to-address


All relevant modes of transport and their combinations

Multiple priorities

Including price, travel time, CO2 emissions

MaaS enabled

Seamless integration of booking/payment

Patented technology

Over 60 customer and partner versions, over 150 product iterations


Custom-configuration including content and partners


Including access and continued process


blockchain and smart contracts

routeRANK delivers modern IT solutions for travel and mobility