routeRANK has been working on a new widget. The integration of routeRANK functionality to your own website is now more convenient.

Use the routeRANK widget on your own website to help your visitors find the fastest, cheapest and most ecological routes to reach you. You can even embed the  widget in your blog posts to direct your visitors to interesting events and places.

A complementary service is the customization of the widget. For example, background color, default language or the preset of arrival/departure locations can be adjusted easily. Check out some of our widgets in action – including now also the Swiss confederation’s one –  and find further information on our widget website.

Installation is fast and simple. At the bottom of the widget, click on ‘Get Widget’. You will be forwarded to the new operator widgetbox where you can easily customize your own widget. To complete the process, click on ‘Get Widget’ again, then copy the provided code and paste it starting with “<script type=”text/javascript”…” into your webpage and you are done!